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Don't we all love a great training session! Even when you upload just one sparkly new idea that sometimes transforms your practice or parenting.

Here are my bespoke offerings and this is what you need to know:​

  • Modules are designed to be super-practical & able to be immediately USED.

  • A single person can achieve  one module in one hour. Time taken will be longer with more participants. 

  • Modules can be done individually or back to back.

  • They are best done in the sequence listed below.

  • Prices for each module is dependent on an algorithm that only Meta understand...No! Such things as the number of people and resources.

  • A single hourly module for one person is usually $185.00 with handouts.

Module Number One

Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice (NDA)- Immersive & 3D

Do you feel a gap between your NDA values and a sense of confidence that you can express these in your practice (or parenting).


This training is not a 'sit down & listen' style.

This training will not provide exhaustive research evidence . (We know you can find that elsewhere)


This training will enable you to curiously explore through  a space that has been exhaustively curated to be NDA so as to create a 'safe' space for neurodivergent folks of all ages.

  • We will rearrange the space to meet the needs of different ages and accomodations....several times. 

  • We will question why items are included or excluded.

  • We will wander in the space & model how our neurodiverse clients bloom in this space.

  • We will explore the intersectionality of context, our communication style & our neurodiverse clients highly individualised & variable 'being'.

Let's  let our mindsets go on a journey. Sounds fun hey!


Module Number Two

Gestalt Language Processing & AAC -Getting Started
 Module Number Two is super easy to describe! Phew.


If you are working with Autistic folks who are developing language skills, no matter their age,  then you need to know about Gestalts Language Processing (GLP).  You may be a surf coach, speechie, physiotherapist, teacher, support worker or parent to name a few.


Some research estimates that up yo 85% of Autistic folks are GLPers, meaning that they don't acquire language inn the same way as most neurotypical folk (Analytical Language Processors).

You will learn:

  • That there are at least two natural language learning styles.

  • How to identify a GLPer even when nonverbal/minimally speaking.

  • The stages of Gestalt Language Processing.

  • How to model Gestalts in everyday situations.

  • The early steps of incorporating gestalts into  Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems & why this is SO important

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey!

Module Number Three

Gestalt Language Processing & AAC -Moving Forward

We all know what happens here. We become super excited about the potential of an AAC device and then it all just seems to....well, stagnate. Not any more!

This model can be applied to any form of AAC - lite tech/device, whichever App you are using.

In Module Number Three there is a bit of 'sit & listen' and a bit of 'play & explore'. This is because we need to know the ideas behind incorporating Gestalt Language Processing within an AAC system, and yet you cant really 'get into it' until you have bumbled through, made some funny mistakes, gotten totally lost and reflected on how you may do it next time. There has to be experiential learning or we will all remain to afraid to use the tricky AAC app in real life.

You will learn:

  • How to make it all enticing!

  • The crucial difference between prompting & modelling AAC.

  • How to speak 'navigation' outloud.

  • How to program in the moment & why that works so well.

  • Speaking gestalts even with single core word vocabulary.

  • And more.....

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