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Parents of a long-term client engaged in stuttering support

"Nicole is tenacious and experienced but also willing to go into uncharted territory to find solutions.  For us Nicole was the solution after trying a few different therapists as we needed something more personalised for our son’s stutter.  She is also really FUN, she engages with the children and finds ways of describing things that work.  In the times that it was hard, and we lost focus she is reassuring and honest.  It’s been quite a journey supporting a child with a stutter and I would whole heartedly recommend Nicole to anyone"


Primary School teacher

"Thank you so much for your comprehensive report outlining your findings (it was one of the most detailed reports I've read from a speech pathologist, so thank you for your efforts)"


Parent of a teenager with complex needs in a social group

"Nicole Rappell has been a wonderful speech therapist for my daughter. Nicole has helped with mastering verbal responses to everyday social social interactions, speaking more smoothly and conversation dynamics. Nicole analyses which aspects of speech are causing the biggest barriers to effective communications and targets them with numerous options for fun therapeutic correction and practice. Thank you for your energy and wealth of understanding and knowledge Nicole"


Early childhood educator
about Plus One-Minus One

"I love this program that you have shared! Thank you so much"

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