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Who I Am

Speech Pathology with a difference


So glad that you found Step Boldly Speech Pathology (SBSP), a Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech Pathology practice.

I am a neurodivergent practitioner and parent of an Autistic son and brain injured daughter. It doesn't get more real or hands on!.


Are you looking for some answers around successful & sustainable social communication strategies for Autistic and/or ADHD people, stuttering or helping your child with a communication difference, get the most out of any situation?


The Step Boldly Speech Pathology tree has three strong main branches -


Yep, it’s a funny mixed bag honed down from 3 decades of working as a 'speechie', finding out what fits me and my clients.

SBSP was born out of a mission to provide the most responsive & fluid services for my clients and their families, now in our NEW LISMORE therapy space  and further afield via tele-practice (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime)


Let’s chat and see what you would like to do!


Learn more about Step Boldly Speech Pathology


Step Boldly Speech Pathology was founded by Nicole Rappell who has worked as a speech pathologist since 1997 both in the UK and Australia.  The SBSP space in Lismore has been curated with Neurodiverse humans as the front & centre. Nicole endeavours to be there for her clients through advocating and educating on their behalf. She is a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)

Nicole is the mother of a child with a severe disability. As such she knows the grief and joy of moving through the speech pathology & funding worlds (NDIS) from both sides – parent & professional. She has been in many similar experiences to the families she works with. Has walked the walk. Can talk the talk!


Step Boldly Speech Pathology Core Values

  • Quality of life therapy – enhancing not shaming with longer term positive reach.

  • A vision of a world where people who have communication differences share in opportunity & fulfilment without barriers.

  • Assessment & treatment choices that embrace wellbeing.

  • Contemporary practice derived from regular professional development & that is evidence based.

  • Compassion and advocacy for clients and their families.


Step Boldly Speech Pathology Community Involvement

Give Back is a system where Step Boldly Speech Pathology will aim to have one client participating in therapy for up to 6 free session. To be determined by STBP from recommendations. We all need a little help at times.

LEGO Gift Box is a system where Step Boldly Speech Pathology will seek individuals or business to provide funding for a single LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase ($30.00) to be gifted to an individual or organisation that may be struggling to purchase their own LEGO for therapy. To be determined by SBSP from recommendations. One brick at a time!

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