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Step Boldly Speech Pathology & Our Sensory-Self


As a practice SBSP has a strong understanding of how our sensory systems impact on communication, learning, socialising and well-being.  Nicole has been lucky to work as part of multi-disciplinary teams throughout her entire career and as a parent with her own daughter with a disability.


Our sensory systems are hugely varied from sensory seeking (wanting something) to sensory aversive (wanting to avoid something).


People may high registration (easily stimulated by sensory input) or low registration (finding it hard to be stimulated by sensory input) or any combination. 


Our sensory profile impacts on most areas of our life, in particular attention and our ability to feel comfortable, safe & settled in a situation.


Step Boldly Speech Pathology works to understand each individual’s sensory profile and how that may impact on communication and well-being, whilst also understanding when an onward referral to  a sensory specialist OT is the best move.

In our sessions we encourage the use of sensory supports and even make them together!

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