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Step Boldly Speech Pathology Life Long Learning

At STSB we are curious about new breakthroughs  and love sharing our experiences -why reinvent the wheel!


Mentoring is an essential component to maintain curiosity and relevance as a professional. Like a chain we all fall between those who have a greater wealth of experience and those with less. These links create strength of practice. A broken chain has limited strength. At Step Boldly Speech Pathology Nicole actively pursues mentoring relationships, being both a mentor and a mentee.



Step Boldly Speech Pathology is more than happy to provide you with links or hard copies to my own or relevant research upon request.


Nicole Rappell has published peer reviewed journal articles on a rolling-group model for the delivery of the Lidcombe Program for early years stuttering.



Anything we can do, you can do too!

Nicole has presented at both the Sydney and Melbourne Stuttering Special Interest Groups and hosted many individual training workshops designed to meet the participants needs. These may be at a small group level, at a preschool, hands-on coaching for teachers, a larger ‘Zoom’ type meeting or face to face workshop.

Custom-built time frames, size and content. Bespoke to meet your needs.

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